Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui

Most new houses in China are built with the help of a Feng Shui. A consultant or practitioner gives advice on the placement of the building and the arrangement and content of its rooms.

We have all experienced the feeling of entering a house and finding it gives off an unhappy or depressing feeling. The reverse is also true; we have all been into a house or building and found it exudes an uplifting and relaxing atmosphere.


The Chinese believe that the earth and the layout of an environment in which people live or work has a direct affect or influence on many aspects of peoples lives. They believe that the environment of the building can have both good and bad influences upon us. By understanding these influences we can make changes and adjustments. This can lessen the bad effects and boost and enhance the good ones.

The Feng Shui philosophy believes that within the home there are designated areas which govern health, money, relationships etc. I.e. all areas of our everyday lives. The Feng Shui philosophy is that there are powerful lines of energy which flow through the earth and through our bodies. This energy is known as Chi. If the Chi runs freely then good health and wellbeing ensue. If the Chi is obstructed, trapped or stagnant then ill health and misfortune can result.

Improving our home and working environment

Feng Shui consultants claim that adjustments can be made to the layout of a home. These can have profound beneficial affect upon the occupants. The positive effects can improve health, sleeping, career, financial situations and relationships. It works on the principle that each area of your home or business relates to a different facet of your life. What is placed within these areas can either ensure the flow of Chi or inhibit it. The Feng Shui practitioner advises on the adjustments to the contents of these areas and may include the addition of a plant or of a mirror or even a water feature, all of which have a beneficial affect upon the Chi.

A Feng Shui practitioner can not only advise upon beneficial changes to the environment of your home but can also advise upon the timing of a planned event in your life. For example Feng Shui can be applied to the best date and time, say to start a new business or when to sell your house.

Belief in Feng Shui is not necessary. Adjustments can be made without a recipient being aware of the beneficial influence of Feng Shui. I.e. changes can be made to benefit a child’s life without the child understanding what is happening.

In practice

All this may appear very strange from a Western viewpoint but Feng Shui is part of everyday life in China and the Far East. It’s roots go back many thousands of years. The understanding of Feng Shui now is perhaps where Acupuncture was say twenty-five years ago. Many of us now accept Acupuncture but still question whether Feng Shui can improve our life style.

A number of major companies in the UK employ Feng Shui practitioners to advise on the placement of the premises and the layout within their premises which will best serve the growth and well being of the Company. Some have claimed that their performance and profits have significantly improved by following Feng Shui advice.

Within the property market Feng Shui practitioners are used to help a troublesome property sell. Reportedly there are many cases to show that after minor changes or additions the property has sold within days. There are many testimonials to the beneficial effect of taking advice on the environment of people’s homes to show that it cannot be lightly dismissed. If you feel that there are bad “vibes” within your house and don’t know what to do, then maybe you need to free your Chi and contact a Feng Shui practitioner.

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