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How to make money on your house

We all know that money is tight for a lot of us at the moment and here at the Homeowners Club we know that for many of you your home is your biggest asset. So without selling, we thought we’d come up with some ideas on how to make money on your home.

Rent out your parking space:

By renting out your driveway, allocated parking space or garage you could earn up to £500 a month. Just register your parking space for free on websites such as Your parking space will be in particularly high demand if you live near a football stadium or a train station. Commuters will pay up to £75 a month to hire a space that is within walking distance of the station.

Hire out your home for a photo or film shoot:

Magazines and television companies are always scouting for locations. So why not sign your home up to an agency, the registration is free but they will take a 20% commission if your house is selected. But you could still earn up to £1000 a day.

Clear out old clutter:

Go through all your cupboards and drawers and have a big clear out, be ruthless! Then sell items on sites such as eBay or gumtree. Or you could have a garage sale, set up at a car boot sale or put larger items up for auction.

Take in a lodger:

Having an extra person under your roof will be a great help with the bills and mortgage repayments. If you use the government’s rent a room scheme you could earn up to £4,250 tax free, although the room must be furnished.

So there are just a few ideas to get you started, we hope they help and are a step in the right direction to getting through these difficult financial times. Good luck homeowners!

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