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The UK’s Most Romantic and Passionate Road Names

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Compare My Move felt it would be fun to analyse romantic road names around the UK, picking out over 8,000 from England, Wales and Scotland to reveal the most passionate country and region.

From Bleeding Heart Yard to Kissing Tree Way, the UK is home to some of the most romantically named streets. Compare My Move have also worked out how much it’ll set you back to live on some of the most passionate streets across the nation. 

Headline Figures at a Glance:

  • ‘Rose’ is the most romantic road name in the UK, featuring in 3815.
  • 92% of romantic road names are in England, 5% in Wales and 3% in Scotland.
  • Lewd Lane is the most expensive romantically themed road to live on, priced at £1,395,000. 

The Most Popular Romantic Road Names in the UK

After picking out 8,115 UK road names, Compare My Move can reveal that ‘Rose’ is crowned as the most passionate, with a count of 3,815. ‘Dove’ is second with 1,254 and ‘Love’ a close third with 895

The table below shows the top 20 most romantic road names in the UK:

Road NameCount

Most and Least Romantic Countries

The data shows that England is home to the most romantic street names, with over 90% located here. Wales comes in as the second most popular place for a romantic road name, seeing 5.6% of the count and Scotland is home to 2.7%. 

Most and Least Romantic Regions

Breaking this down by regions, the South West can be crowned as the area with the most romantic road names, with 24.78% of the count. Yorkshire and the Humber are the least romantic when it comes to naming their roads, with only 3.10% of the count

If you want to live in the most romantic region, the average house price in the South West will cost you £373,049. The area with the fewest passionate road names is Yorkshire and the Humber, where the average property price stands at £235,856

The table below shows the average house price across the regions, in order of the most romantic region:

Region% of Romantic RoadsAverage House Price*
South West24.78%£373,049
East of England17.15%£418,336
West Midlands10.69%£279,237
North West9.68%£245,068
South East6.49%£472,929
East Midlands6.18%£281,597
Scotland 4.95%£178,821
Yorkshire and the Humber3.10%£235,856

* data from Rightmove House price index https://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/house-price-index/

Favourite Romantic Roads

To help get in the mood for Valentine’s Day, Compare My Move dug out some of their favourite romantic road names:
Bleeding Heart Yard’, ‘Lover’s Loup’, ‘Marriage Lane’ and ‘Sweetmans Road’ all warmed Compare My Move’s heart. One that made them giggle was ‘Single Hill’ in Bath which might interest those of you not bothered about the big day. The table below highlights some of the most notable romantically themed street names across the UK:

Notable Street NamesRegion
Bleeding Heart Yard, Central LondonLondon
Sweetmans Road, DorsetSouth West
Marriage Lane, DorsetSouth West
Diamond Place, HarrogateNorth Yorkshire
Lovers Lane, ManchesterNorth West
Dove Grove, EggingtonEast Midlands
Lover’s Loup, Aberdeen CityScotland
Kissing Tree Way, Stratford-Upon-AvonWest Midlands
Valentine Court, PowysPowys
Single Hill, BathSouth West

House Prices for UK’s Romantic Roads

You might be wondering how much it’s going to set you back living on some of the most passionately named roads. Compare My Move have done the research and can reveal if you want to live on ‘Lewd Lane’ in Kent, it’ll cost you £1,395,000. Romantic streets in Scotland seem to be priced lower than England, with Lovers Lane in Perthshire averaging at £254,000

If you wanted to move to a more affordable romantic region, the data shows that the average length of a move from England to Scotland is 350 miles. England to Wales averages at 168 miles and moves within England at 48 miles.

Road NameAverage House Price 
Lewd Lane, Kent£1,395,000
Kissing Tree Way, Warwickshire£1,039,000
Caring Road, Kent£937,500
Date Street, London£727,000
Sweet Bay, Kent£610,000
Rose Lane, Bridgend£481,000
Bride Church Lane, South Yorkshire£440,000
Cupids Corner, Southend-on-Sea£392,000
Valentine Road, Norfolk£347,500
Lovers Lane, Perthshire£254,000

Comments from Compare My Move

Owner and Managing Director of Compare My Move, Dave Sayce said:

It’s clear that romance plays a role in naming streets in the UK. If you’re looking to move to the most romantic region, the South West, you can expect to pay an average of £373,049. Yorkshire and the Humber is the least romantic with road names and you can expect to pay around £235,856.”


Compare My Move analysed road names around the UK and picked out 8,000. We collected data from the following sources:

Data Sources:

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