10 Expert Tips on Maximising the Space in Your Small Caravan and Holiday Home

With the ever-rising cost of living, it’s no wonder a study found holidaymakers are looking to travel less and save more this year. But while 22% are looking to spend less on their holiday and only 1% of those surveyed are willing to look at more expensive destinations for 2023, consumer rights group Which? has found that prices for flights have risen 51% on average this Easter, compared to 2022. Flights to popular destinations, such as Greece and Italy, have seen a price increase of up to 71%!

UK holidays are booming as we look at more affordable vacation options; and so is the traditional caravan holiday, with the number of people in Britain considering a touring holiday increasing by 20% across the last two years. So if you own a caravan (or even a holiday lodge), you can enjoy a trip without worrying about eye-watering costs.

We know that sometimes these solutions can be a little tight on space, with the average UK caravan averaging between 2.2 and 2.3 metres in width. Luckily, DIY hacks to transform the usable space within your caravan or holiday lodge mean a budget-conscious holiday is not only doable but enjoyable as well!

In this article, Pure Leisure explores DIY tips and tricks to maximise space within your caravan or holiday home, from collapsible products and decor choices through to utilising forgotten space. Here are 10 space-saving hacks to try today :

Key findings:

  • Buy collapsible products that can be stored easily when not in use.
  • Stack collapsible storage boxes on top of each other to maximise space.
  • Make smart furniture choices by buying foldable and ‘nesting’ items or sofa beds.
  • Buying adhesive hooks allows for smaller items to be hung up.
  • Utilise forgotten space, like ceiling or vertical space, for larger items.
  • E-readers and digital photo frames get rid of clutter and free up shelf space.
  • Ottoman beds provide another storage space beneath the mattress.
  • ’Bedside pockets’ can replace bulky, often-expensive bedside tables.
  • Lazy Susans allow easy access and organisation within kitchen cupboards whilst freeing up further cupboard space.
  • Peg boards make for a great alternative to bulky coat stands.

1.     Collapsible products

Boxes, kitchen accessories and even water bottles are all available in collapsible forms. Easy to store when not in use, you can pack these items away in small drawers and cupboards, taking up minimal space.

2.     Stacking storage boxes

Make sure those collapsible boxes are also stackable when in use and you can save even more space! Perfect for storing tinned or dried foods, kids’ toys and clothing, these boxes can be stacked on top of one another and slotted into spare shelving spaces.

3.     Smart furniture choices

If you have space within your caravan or lodge for an extra table or seating area, choose clever designs that fold away flat when not in use. Some tables allow for their chairs to ‘nest’ beneath them when not needed and many beds can now be packed away for use as a sofa, freeing up more floor space during the day.

4.     Using hooks

Buying small, metal or adhesive hooks is a great way to save space in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Perfect for hanging towels, cooking utensils and oven gloves, a handy hook means table tops remain clear – and there’s also no excuse for wet towels being left on the floor!

5.     Forgotten space 

So much space within a caravan or lodge is forgotten about, but it’s great for storage. Utilising vertical space by stacking collapsible boxes or hanging long coats and dresses is a great way to free up space elsewhere. Ceiling space is another often-forgotten pocket that’s great for storing larger items such as duvets and cushions. Simply buy a storage net and hang it above cupboards or wardrobes using hooks.

6.     Get an e-reader and digital photo frame

An e-reader will save you plenty of shelf space and means you can bring hundreds of books with you on holiday! Another space-saving hack is the digital photo frame. Instead of filling up precious table top space with multiple photo frames, these clever tablets cycle through your photos, displaying all your memories in one place.

7.     Ottoman beds

An ottoman bed gives you extra storage space underneath your mattress. Great for storing shoes and clothes, this space means you can free up storage elsewhere and hide any clutter from sight!

8.     Buy a ‘bedside pocket’

These nifty pockets mean a bedside table is no longer needed. Able to fit all the nightstand essentials, such as a bottle of water, headphones, a good book (or that new e-reader!) and even your reading glasses. The pocket attaches to the edge of your mattress for easy access during the night and will take up only a fraction of the space needed for a bulky, often-expensive bedside table.

9.     Lazy Susan

A simple turntable that sits within a cupboard, Lazy Susans maximise storage space for foodstuffs and utensils in kitchen cupboards. These turntables also allow for easy access within limited space and can include multiple levels or sections to help organise your items.

10. Get a peg board

A peg board is a great place to hang hats and coats in the porch area of your caravan or lodge, without making it look cluttered. A great alternative to a bulky coat stand, these boards can be purchased in various colours and sizes to fit with your space and decor. Some peg boards can even hold small shelves to store larger items.

These space-saving hacks are sure to make your caravan or holiday lodge feel clutter-free and be kind to your budget. And if you’re ready to try them out, why not find your perfect caravan holiday on a Pure Leisure park today?

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