Declutter your home

Over time we all collect clutter, here are some top tips for giving your home a declutter

Pretend that you’re moving

It’s a good idea to go through your belongings and determine what you use regularly; it is likely that you only use 20% of your “stuff” regularly. Set aside things you need and see what’s left over. Imagine the first impression someone will get from your home. Clutter free spaces are inviting not too mention easier to clean. Then once you know what you want/need to keep, you can get some appropriate storage boxes and get sorted.

Consider your rooms

Go through the rooms in your house; ascertain their use and remove any items from the space that do not relate to the chosen activity. If a room has multiple uses then think of it as divided into separate areas so you’ll know exactly where everything belongs.

Clear up for charity

It’s much easier to be ruthless with your belongings if you’re doing it for a worthy cause and you can imagine someone benefiting from things you don’t need anymore. Pick a charity to donate to and find out if there are specific things they need, you could even try and get the kids involved.

Amend your rooms

Alice Winner an organising consultant describes how she imagines her house to make the most of tidying. “The room is a book, a dresser is a chapter, each drawer is a paragraph, the boxes or trays in the drawers are the sentences, and the things inside the containers are the words”. She believes the best way to make things less complicated and more manageable in your life is to get rid of a few of those extra unnecessary “words”.

Involve everyone and make it a team event

Get friends and family together and do one house one weekend and someone else’s the next. However, for arguments sake, make sure the owner of the item in question gets the final say. You’ll find this way much more efficient as your friends won’t have the same sentimental attachment to things as you do.

Go shopping in your wardrobe

Try on clothes you haven’t worn for a while and decide, honestly, if you still would. Only keep clothes in style that fit. Give or throw away anything that doesn’t meet these. We hope you find these tips useful and a helpful push in the right direction. To keep yourself motivated pin up an image from a magazine of a room you feel inspired by and are aiming towards.

Make some money

Before filling your dustbin, a skip or going to your recycling centre, check on websites such as e-bay to see if your clutter has any value. What you consider rubbish others can consider valuable.

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