Double Versus Triple Glazing – Infographic

If you build a new house or buy a property that requires renovation, excitement comes with it as you work towards a moving in date. However what a lot of people forget is that huge stress comes with a project like that as there are so many varied decisions to be made and they are decisions that will have repercussions for you and your family’s comfort for a long time. One of the biggest decisions homeowners make is when it comes to choosing windows for their home. With older properties, a window upgrade is likely highly necessary as the entirety of the property’s windows might have degraded over the years. Thankfully, the good news is that window technology has advanced hugely in recent years with window products now being extremely sophisticated and made to suit specific family living situations and issues. For new builds, one of the biggest issues and concerns for homeowners is ensuring the new windows that they choose suit the overall aesthetic of the new home they’re building. Technology has advanced and so too has the range and availability of window frame colours and window types and sizes to keep most homeowners happy.

Another decision to be made with windows is on the glazing options. Historically, windows were single glazed, meaning there was simply one pane of glass between the inside of a home and the outside. Of course, this became a problem over time as windows with a more exposed aspect became weathered by the elements and thus became less and less of a barrier to the outside world. Today, manufacturing technology in windows has significantly progressed. Homeowners can choose between sophisticated window glazing solutions depending on their needs. An upgrade in windows will also likely have a significant positive impact on reducing household heating costs because experts say that anything up to 25% of heat is lost through poor quality windows.

Issues like noise pollution too can be obliterated by changing single pane windows to a superior double or triple glazed solution. Noise from the outside world can become a huge issue for people, maybe as a neighbourhood expands and grows. People with new born babies too will attest to the issues the outside noise can add to sleep disturbance so it is something that people need a solution to in their home lives. Budget of course will be a concern when making the decision to upgrade windows but factors like long term savings on household heating costs along with how improved windows will add value to the home should be factored in.

The people at Senator Windows have put together this useful infographic for people looking to decide whether they need double or triple glazed windows or even a combination of the two. Check out the infographic below where it breaks down the difference between the two glazing options; it outlines issues like noise pollution that impact on a glazing upgrade and it also gives some expert advice when making your own window glazing decisions. Check out the full graphic below for all the details.

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