Home Decor Ideas To Give Your Living Room A Refresh

As the seasons change and we move out of Summer into Autumn, many of us are looking for ways we can refresh our homes, especially after being refined to them for so long. Many people are looking for cosy and comfortable home decor ideas now, especially with the thought of further time spent indoors over the coming months.

The living room is one of the most used rooms in the home and is often where the family comes together in the evenings to relax, so it makes sense that this is one of the most popular rooms when it comes to refreshing your home. With Autumn here and winter well on its way, all interior design trends are pointing towards warm and enticing interiors, so with that in mind, here are some ways you can give your living room a refresh in time for those colder, darker evenings.

Colour Schemes

This season, earthy tones are bang on trend as many people are wanting to bring the outside in and, because we are spending so much more time at home, people are wanting to feel as though they are making their home a little more luxurious. Tones such as earthy greens, deep blues, creams, grey and beige are all popular at the moment, in both colour scheme and furniture.

Invest In Quality Window Dressings

As the temperature drops and the evenings begin getting darker, many more of us will be using our blinds and curtains as means of privacy. However, good quality curtains and blinds are a great investment to make, as they insulate the windows and make your living room less chilly.

Bespoke blinds, which are fitted to the inside of your window frame, are the best option, as they act as a barrier between the cold panes of glass and your living room. Think, quality curtains are also a good choice as they’ll also act as insulation. So, not only will you be getting privacy, but keeping the warmth in the room.

Look At Furniture Trends

If you have a fresh or plainly decorated living room, then furniture is a great way to add some pops of colour. Statement armchairs are particularly huge at the moment, especially in on-trend materials such as velvet or velour. You can then continue this trend throughout the room, with new coloured cushions, throws, curtains or rugs in the same material. Another trend is scandi and wooden furniture. Whilst this doesn’t add colour to a living room, it does create a natural and stylish look, especially when paired with clean white or grey walls.

Make It Cosy

After the year we’ve all had, winter is the perfect time to relax, slow down and enjoy just spending time together (if you’ve not already had enough of one another!). Make your living room snug, cosy and inviting and the perfect place to relax when the weather isn’t great or it’s particularly chilly outside. Light nice scented candles, add some chunky knitted throws and cushions and make your living room a space you want to spend time in when you can. There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket on a cold autumn day with a hot drink and watching a film!

Guest Contributor: Natalie Wilson

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