How to Deal with a Home Located in a Low-Lying Area

Does your property happen to be located within a low-lying area or a region close to the water table? If so, high levels of humidity and pooling water can present very real concerns if left unchecked. What are some steps to take, and how can these help to avoid serious problems? Let us examine a handful of practical (and easily implementable) strategies.

Addressing Domestic Wastewater Problems

Some homes might be located a significant distance from a mains sewage system. In these cases, it is important to prevent an accumulation of dirty water. What is the best solution to this situation? The answer is clear. Manage waste efficiently: buy a sewage pumping station. These units can contain a single pump while dual pumping configurations are also available. This will ultimately depend on the volume of wastewater that needs to be removed.

Basement Waterproofing

Homes nestled within low-lying areas will often suffer from high moisture content; especially within the basement. This can lead to issues such as structural damage and a build-up of mould (a potential health hazard). One way to avert these scenarios is to employ a waterproof paint that can be applied to the floor and walls. This type of coating will essentially serve as a barrier between the home and the exterior environment. Such a method is also an extremely cost-effective solution if you happen to be concerned about managing a tight budget. Panelling or carpeting can then be mounted directly over the painted surfaces if desired.

Pooled Water Within a Garden

Some properties might also experience standing water after a heavy rain. Water that is allowed to remain for an extended period of time can be an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Draining this water is often the only effective solution. The ability to remove dirty water with a dirty water pump is therefore an entirely practical consideration. These pumps vary in terms of size, configuration, and the amount of volume that can be removed (measured in litres per hour).

We can now see that there are plenty of ways to deal with a home found within a low-lying area. It could still be wise to consult with a professional irrigation specialist if problems tend to occur on a regular basis. He or she will be able to offer up additional advice. After all, why not protect the value of your investment at all times?

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