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Energy prices are rising again! Improving your home insulation is good for the environment and for your wallet. It’s widely quoted that a third of our energy expenditure is wasted.

Where does the heat go?

According to the national Insulation Association;

  • 25% heat loss is through the loft/roof space
  • 66% through uninsulated solid walls, 33% through uninsulated cavity walls
  • 20% through windows and doors

What can you save?

The Energy Savings Trust gives the following figures;

  • Insulating under the floorboards on the ground floor will save about £40 – £55 a year
  • For an average semi-detached; going from nothing to 270mm will save £140 per year. Increasing from 120mm to 270mm will save £15
  • Cavity wall insulation on a detached house will save about £275 per year
  • A rated double glazing will save about £100 per year for a semi-detached
  • Draught-proofing can save £35 per year

Easiest wins

Draught-proofing is relatively cheap and easy to install

Installing or increasing loft insulation is straightforward and within the capability of a competent DIY-ers. To retain storage space, spacers to lift the floor are available. Most downlighters should not be covered, seek professional advice. Apply insulation around and over water tanks, not under.

Cavity wall insulation can pay for itself in about 4 years. It is essential to use a competent registered installer with a long externally backed guarantee.

Other Options

Insulation can be added internally or externally to solid walled property. Both are more disruptive and will have visual consequences. The cost is significantly higher than cavity fill but the resulting saving will be higher.

For flat roofs and inaccessible roof spaces there are various options, all require professional installation.

Replacement windows save on maintenance and reduce condensation as well as saving energy.


From time to time grants are available to both homeowners and landlords with consequent reductions to pay back periods.


Improving insulation also increases your comfort, and the house wont be so cold when you unexpectedly arrive home late.


Energy Savings Trust



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