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Although two homes can have the same layout, they can have entirely different personalities thanks to their interior designs. Our personal tastes are reflected in how we decorate our homes, today we are spoilt for choice enabling us to furnish our homes in almost any style imaginable. Here is our guide to styles to consider:


This style is derived from Greek and Roman design, creating a sense of balance and harmony to enhance a focal point, such as a fireplace. There will be a great sense of symmetry in the rooms and colours will often be inspired by nature.


This design style is casually elegant with a mix of sturdy, practical furniture, colourful textiles and useful accents to create a cosy, comfortable and lived-in look. Incorporating a number of looks, including, French Country designs of Provence, Floral English Country design and Rustic.


If you like travelling or rooting through flea markets for buried treasures, then this is the design style for you. Eclectic is all about blending a mix of styles to express your unique personality through your own home. By a mix of styles we mean, different furniture, furnishings and accessories from different styles, countries, cultures and periods, in a mix of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. But the important thing to remember is you’re trying to create a harmonious design not a jumble sale.


This style is a manifestation of a way of thinking to allow you to maintain order and feel relaxed; your home will feel like an oasis of calm in a world of chaos and clutter. This can be achieved by making sure everything serves a specific function and is not just there for show, with open plan spaces, clean lines and order. Use pure white with less texture and ornaments to let space and light create the decoration. As a result, this simple living will make for a relaxed and tranquil life.


The less you have the better; this style is popular amongst young professionals, with the main focus being on straight lines and organization reflected in both furniture and decorative items. There’s definitely no room for clutter, sparsely decorated with only a few, unique items. Blacks, whites, reds and greens are common colours for a modern design.


For this style you turn to the past for inspiration, referring predominantly to design styles from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Strong retro colours include avocado green, mustard yellow, orange, brown and aqua. Retro design pays close attention to the detail of lines, for example rounded edges.


A range of styles can be considered rustic; they will usually have an emphasis on natural, unrefined elements, particularly when it comes to the colour palette.

Choose your style and create a mood board

Mood boards

Collect images of things you like, whether its rooms, colour swatches, wallpaper samples, styles of furniture, accessories etc and compile them together into a collage to inspire you.

Trends to consider


Eco-friendly; products made from recycled materials and ethically produced are becoming more affordable giving more people a reason to go green. For example tables made from driftwood.

Painted furniture; available in a large range of colours and finishes.

Statement beds; Invest in a bed to last a lifetime, making a big impact with your bed means you can keep to a simpler backdrop. For example you can make that statement with a stunning headboard.


Retro-style prints; loud, vintage designs with bold colours.

Floral; Inspired by nature with bold leaf prints and feminine floral, using modern neutral palettes combined with accents of colour.

To make a feature wall; Make a statement with textured wallpaper as a way of getting pattern into your scheme. For example patterned wallpaper behind your bed combined with a harmonising paint colour is perfect for the bedroom.

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