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In today’s world, the internet can teach you how to do anything – you can learn a new language, instrument, trade and more from the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve found a reliable online teacher, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

DIY is no different and as DIY home renovations become more popular, there are plenty of great content creators out there making fantastic video tutorials to support you. Whether you’re looking to save money on trade costs or simply want to put your handiwork to the test, these experienced DIY veterans have put their expertise on full show so that anyone can learn.

But who’s dropping the best knowledge online? Which channels have the best tips and tricks to take your home renovation to the next level? The tiling experts at Instarmac have done the research, so you don’t have to.

The Excellent Laborer (YouTube)

Boasting over 426,000 subscribers, the Excellent Laborer documents his journey building homes, acting as his own contractor and carrying out all the work himself! This makes him a great source of knowledge for tiling tutorials, with in-depth tutorials on how to tile your shower or kitchen.

If you’re looking for support in other areas of your home, Josh also has videos about plumbing, wiring and more. Just be aware that he’s based in the US, so you might have to follow different building rules and regulations!

WinniDesigns (TikTok)

TikTok user WinniDesigns has earned himself 3.3m followers for his quick-fire, accessible home improvement videos. His DIY journey has seen him educate viewers on dealing with difficult or irregular areas of the home, such as tiling under or around door frames, and showing off his grandma’s method for installing a shower floor.

Whether you’re looking for a beginning-to-end tutorial for an entire room or a short clip to help you tackle a particularly difficult area, Winni has you covered.

UltraTile (YouTube)

Looking to take your DIY tiling game up a notch? Searching for tips and tricks on how to get a totally level subfloor or perfectly smooth grout? The UltraTile YouTube channel takes aim at common issues, helping intermediate tilers to troubleshoot any problems that might prevent them from getting the perfect finish.

Plus, it covers both external and internal tiling installations as well as tackling the tricky job of grouting. Find out how to give your entire house a DIY makeover, from your kitchen to your garden!

First_time_renovators12 (TikTok)

Cal and Meg, the TikTok couple going by the name first_time_renovators12, have proved to be a fantastic source of inspiration for DIY renovators across the country, amassing almost 150,000 followers over the last 18 months.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to renovate your home on a budget – including fresh tiling in the kitchen and bathroom – they’ve got some fantastic cost-saving tips that could make all the difference to your home renovation. Plus, the couple provide great inspiration for all the endless interior design possibilities in your home!

City Self-Sufficiency (YouTube)

If you’re a beginner looking to get into the world of mosaic tiling, check out the City Self-Sufficiency channel on YouTube. Lauren, who runs the channel, has plenty of other types of content around self-sufficient living, but it’s her mosaic tiling tutorials which are perfect for fans of gorgeous tiling.

Start small with photo frames or bird baths and use your new-found skills to apply mosaic tiling in your home or garden!

Tile Mountain (YouTube)

Keep it simple with Tile Mountain’s Craig Phillips. Craig presents a great range of DIY tutorials, covering everything from interior splashback tiling for your kitchen to sealing and replacing natural stone tiles. With easy explanations and step-by-step processes, his videos are perfect for the DIY beginner.  

Landberg Tile TV (YouTube)

Where better to get your home improvement inspiration than from a man who lives and breathes tiles? As well as offering tips and tricks for your next DIY tile installation, Landberg Tile TV discusses and reviews the best tile tools available, so you can take your toolbox to the next level!

His channel is a great place to find out about the newest trendy tiling to add value to your home, from the 3D XL tiling used in plenty of modern shower installations to the Carrera Marble Effect Porcelain.

Ca’ Pietra (TikTok)

Ca’ Pietra is a Wiltshire-based producer of luxury tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, wall and outdoor areas. As well as showing off its own products on TikTok, Ca’ Pietra also does a great job of helping you narrow down your tile selection and breaking down some of the considerations you should be making.

If you want to avoid common pitfalls when choosing terracotta, or you’re looking for the perfect tiling system for minimal upkeep, Ca’ Pietra has got you covered.

Josh Jinks, Brand Manager at Instarmac comments: “There’s plenty of great inspiration out there online, no matter how much DIY experience you have. Whether you’re looking for an uber-specific tutorial or something as broad as laying the perfect subfloor, you’ll be able to find it.

“One final word of advice, however, make sure you’re taking on a project that suits your skill level! Don’t jump directly into a full bathroom renovation without any previous DIY experience – no matter how any videos you’ve watched! If it’s a big project you’re unsure about, be sure to contact the professionals!”

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