kerb appeal

Kerb Appeal – Don’t underestimate it’s importance

Viewers of the popular Channel 4 program, “Location, Location, Location” will be familiar with the term but what is it and does it really matter?

Kerb appeal is the first impression one gets, relating to the attractiveness of a property and it’s surroundings viewed from the street. If you are selling, it’s vitally important. Many potential buyers will only book a viewing if it passes the kerb appeal test. A house with good kerb appeal commands higher prices than similar properties, scoring lower. An article from Dulux, claims it can be up to 25%.

What gives a property good Kerb Appeal?

  • Tidy and weed free front garden and drive
  • Maintained and clean walls, frames and windows
  • Clean neutral colour paintwork
  • Good quality fixtures and fittings (handles, lighting, house numbers etc.)
  • Well trimmed greenery (even small plots benefit from something)
  • Quality materials used for paths, steps and drives
  • Privacy from neighbours (hedges, fences etc.)
  • Equally attractive neighbouring properties

What spoils Kerb Appeal

  • Weeds, rubbish, wheelie bins on show and general untidiness
  • Peeling paint, rotten windows or general lack of maintenance
  • Cracked walls, poor brick pointing and stains
  • Broken paving and worn surfaces
  • Overgrown and overhanging plants and trees
  • Bland design (such as left by builders)
  • Damaged gates and fencing
  • Poor surrounding environment


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