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DIY and Decorating experts Harris Brushes have revealed the most in-demand spring/summer interior design trends for 2022.

As the hot weather approaches and we gear up for those long-awaited summer home renovations, what will be most in-demand?

Key findings:

  • Searches for “summer house interior ideas” are up by 200% in the last 30 days alone according to Google Trends data.
  • #springdecor is currently receiving 148.7M views on TikTok.
  • Pinterest’s 2022 Pinterest Predicts report reveals “biophilic design” and “curved furniture” to be two of the most prevalent interior trends of the year.
  • According to Pinterest, trending searches on the platform include “biophilic architecture” (+150%) and “biophilic design bedroom” (+100%).
  • Pinterest predicts that round furniture will surge in popularity throughout spring/summer 2022 with searches for “round pool decking ideas” increasing by 170%, “curved bar design” by 140% and “curved sofa living room” being searched for three times more frequently.
  • Exposure to greenery such as houseplants is even known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • Searches for “green floral wallpaper” have increased by 250%, and “emerald bedding” has increased by 170% in the last 30 days according to Google Trends.
  • According to Instagram, there are currently 262k posts attached to #sustainablehome, 93.8k attached to #sustainabledecor and a staggering 4.1m posts associated with #upcycling.

Dreaming of the ultimate new interior scheme for spring/summer? The experts at Harris Brushes are here to help with the most highly-anticipated interior trends of 2022. As the weather heats up, so it seems does our desire to transform the home, with searches for ‘summer house interior ideas’ up by 200% in the past 30 days alone according to Google Trends Data. TikTok also reveals a growing demand for spring/summer interiors with #SpringDecor currently receiving 148.7M views on the platform.

To refresh the home and ensure your interior design is ready for gatherings and guests throughout the warmer months, the spring/summer trends for 2022 dictate that you should opt for shades of green on the walls and make more considered decisions when it comes to their interior design in terms of sustainable materials and mental wellness. Biophilic design and curved furniture have been highlighted as two of the most prevalent interior trends of the year according to Pinterest’s 2022 Pinterest Predicts report, both of which create a calming atmosphere that speaks of comfort and effortless style.

  1. Biophilic Design

Pinterest data reveals that searches for ‘biophilic architecture’ are currently up by 150% and ‘biophilic design bedroom’ are up by 100%, indicating that the new season’s interior trends will focus heavily on embracing nature and tranquillity in the home. Making its mark as one of the most highly-coveted interior design styles of the year, biophilic design is all about capturing the beauty of nature in the home by choosing soft, understated colour schemes, letting natural light radiate and adorning each room with greenery, selecting house plants that purify the air.

The interior design trend brings with it a world of unique benefits from heightened concentration to enhanced productivity and improved overall mental and physical health. Given the ongoing uncertainty of post-pandemic living, there is naturally an increased need to support positive mental wellbeing. Interestingly, we can improve mental health symptoms by making small changes in the home. Introducing house plants to your interior scheme is also scientifically proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, bringing the healing power of nature into our indoor environment.

  • Curved Furniture

When it comes to home design in 2022, it is time to welcome rounded silhouettes, with Pinterest predicting that curved furniture will soar in popularity throughout spring/summer. Designers are not the only ones championing the curved aesthetic, with baby boomers, Gen X and millennials collectively driving searches such as “round pool decking ideas” which has increased by 170%, “curved bar design” which has increased by 140% and “curved sofa living room” which is now 3 times more popular.

If you’re looking to prioritise comfort as much as style with your interior design incorporating lavish curved sofas, armchairs and side tables is the key to creating a laid-back aesthetic and adding a much-needed dose of elegance. If you’re looking to craft a bold, unrestrained aesthetic, experiment with vibrant colours or opt for muted, neutral tones if you’d like to keep your interior looking timelessly stylish.

  • Green Tones

Colour psychology dictates that green has the power to stimulate positive cognitive outcomes, symbolising harmony, tranquillity and peace. Green, the go-to colour for spring/summer 2022, is therefore considered the perfect hue for fostering a calm environment, which is more important than ever in today’s uncertain world. The green home trend is certainly on the rise with searches for “green floral wallpaper” increasing by 250%, “emerald bedding” increasing by 170% and “sage green chair” up by 50% in the last 30 days according to Google Trends. As with most colours, green tones exist on a spectrum, meaning that you can choose a tone that suits your personal style, whether you prefer vivid colours such as emerald or neutral shades such as sage.

  • Textured Walls

Helping to create an interior style that speaks of opulence, textured walls and intriguing patterns have been surging in popularity and will be a key interior design trend for spring/summer. From wooden panelling to decorative plaster and tiles, there are so many options to help you create a beautiful focal point for your home.

Seen in Netflix shows Bridgerton and The Crown, with a heavy focus on wall panelling, textured architecture adds a level of complexity to the home that looks stunning in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom. If you’d like to evoke the royal regency-core style of Bridgerton and The Crown for yourself, Harris Brushes’ quick step by step DIY Wall Panelling guide can help you achieve a flawless finish, helping you to cut back on the costs of hiring a professional decorator.

  1. Sustainability

It’s no surprise that following the latest COP summit, the global focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living is set to continue well into 2022 and beyond. Eco-friendly interior design involves choosing recycled, long-lasting materials and furniture to help reduce needless wastage and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Demand for sustainability in the home is evidenced throughout social media, with Instagram showing that there are currently 262k posts associated with #SustainableHome, 93.8k associated with #SustainableDecor and 4.1m posts associated with #Upcycling. If you’re looking to incorporate sustainability into your interior design, try selecting furniture made from reclaimed wood to create a rustic, cottagecore-style look or choose recycled metal to evoke an industrial style in your living space.

With the promise of a new season, sunshine and good times comes the desire for a fresh start and often this sentiment extends to the design of our homes. With relaxed interior styles taking centre stage including biophilic design, eco-friendly furniture and curved silhouettes, it’s clear that it’s time to step into a new era of comfort, serenity and nature’s beauty.

For further advice on how to perfect these trends in your own home, read the full article in the Harris Brushes Tip Exchange today.

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