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How to make your new place feel like home

After moving to a new house, you might expect to feel at home immediately. However, getting accustomed to the new surroundings will probably take some time, which is perfectly fine. Do not let that feeling frighten you, or make you doubt whether you made the right decision – that’s just nostalgia knocking on your door. The truth is, a home is not made out of bricks or fancy belongings but happy moments and memories. Nevertheless, there are still some things you can do to make the transition a little easier. Here are a couple of best practices to help you make your new place feel like home!

To make your new place feel like home, make yourself comfortable first

Whatever you are doing during the day, no matter how stressful it is, you always have that quiet period once you arrive home. You can lay down, drink a cup of tea, and relax in your little piece of heaven. Whether it is leaning back in your favourite chair in front of a TV, lying on the sofa, or sitting on the balcony and looking at the view, you need that one place that will just be yours and no one else’s.

Take the time to arrange the space the way you want, or even just a small dedicated area. Moreover, it would be helpful to create a routine and stick to it throughout the transition. Even if it’s just drinking tea for 15 minutes while soaking in the view, do not skip this daily ritual. The goal is to create that feeling of peace that only your home can give you.

Build an emotional connection with your new home

Nothing can replace the years of happy memories that tie you to your old home. Trying to work your way around that will not produce the results you want. Many people often can’t let go of things from the past, and they don’t do well when radical changes are introduced to their living space. However, it is essential to understand that the past should remain behind you. If you feel homesick, you should not try to fight it by recreating a setting from your old place. Whatever you do, it will still not feel the same because it is not. You are now in a new home and a new neighbourhood.

Instead of dwelling in the past and reminiscing about old memories, go outside and build new ones. It is a slow process, but can be very effective.

Go for a walk in your local area, and learn where everything is. Invite your neighbours for a cup of coffee and friendly chit-chat. Try a couple of restaurants, or see a movie. If you have kids, find the nearest playground and go with them. Build new memories that will be unique to your new home.

Understand that it is not always necessary to make numerous changes to make your new place feel like home. Rather, you must get to know it, so it can start feeling familiar and close to your heart.

Add photos of your loved ones

Memories of our loved ones go with us, no matter where we are. Placing family photos around the house is a nice token of love for your new home. When you look at a picture of a dear person, you experience feelings of warmth and happiness. If you have a shelf where you keep children’s photos, you will soon start to love that shelf, and it will put a smile on your face whenever you look at it. That’s how you begin to attach to the things around you.

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Should you redecorate right away?

After buying a new home, many people start making changes right after moving in. Sometimes, the redecorating can stretch out for months, and it can start feeling like work. When making changes around the house, it is crucial to do it in a way that feels like a joyous activity. Here is how to approach the remodelling process in the right way.

Think about what you are trying to achieve

No matter what our home looks like, we always have ideas on how to make it better. Adding a fireplace to the living room, improving the kitchen, painting the walls – there are a myriad of possibilities in front of you.

Build your dream house

Let’s go a few months back when you were still making your list of must-have features and looking for the perfect family home to purchase. While you were searching, you were probably thinking about all the new things you’ll have, like more space in the bedroom, a larger balcony, or a beautiful front yard.

If there is a particular feature or piece of furniture you have always wanted, try your best to incorporate it into the space. Buying a new home is all about a fresh start, and the best way to feel good about it is to make all those changes you have wanted for a long time. And don’t worry about transporting some of your favorite pieces to your new home, even if it is far away. Long-distance moving experts can make the transition stress-free and help you start off on the right foot.

Create the perfect atmosphere

Your dream home is not just about the layout of the furniture or the size of the rooms. It is also about how you feel when you are in it. For example, if you are not a fan of minimalistic homes, you can change it to something closer to your heart. Designing a home to create the perfect atmosphere takes time and precision. While there is a split opinion when discussing traditional vs. modern design, both can be viable choices depending on your preferences and needs. Whatever your cup of tea is, that’s the direction in which you should start to move.

It’s not about the changes you make, but with whom you make them!

As a last piece of advice, one of the best ways to make your new place feel like home is to make the changes with the people you love. After a few months, you will have happy memories of how you once remodelled the bedroom with your spouse or built a new dog house with your kids. That’s the best way to create a connection with your new home. It requires inspiration, patience, and commitment, but the reward you get in return will last you a lifetime!

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